Rental Details

Associated rental fees based on a three (3) hour rental:

0-50 People:           $   350.00

50-100 People:       $   700.00

100-150 People:     $1,050.00

150-200 People:     $1,400.00

200-250 People:     $1,750.00

Over 250 people: contact for pricing

Should you wish an additional color or hours, logo or event name on bottles, or an alternate bottle shape, please connect to discuss associated costs.

Above pricing is based on events in the Red Deer area, outside of a 30km radius will be subject to a KM fee @ $0.92/per

Give your event a creative experience; our Story in Sand is the perfect addition to your wedding, festival, birthday, golf tournament, corporate function, or Christmas party.

Sand stories is a highly personal and delicate art form that utilizes fine sand to create emotional, detailed, and stunning momentos that will last long past the event. It is a new, different, and exciting way to communicate a message. Sand storytelling comes alive in this imaginative expression.

Let your guests experiment with colours,layering techniques, and pattern making as they create fun designs. 

By securing our 'Story in Sand' Station for your event, we will provide the following:

  • (10) Colors (Black, Blue, Blue (Light), Green, Purple, Pink, Orange, Red, Yellow, & White)
  • Mini Glass Bottles with Cork Stoppers
  • Funnels & Sand scoops
  • (1) Attendant
  • Setup & teardown
  • Branded tent and signage

Station requires a min. of 10x10 space and (1) 110 power outlet.



Black: Patience                    Blue: Create

Green: Play                         Orange: Laugh        

Pink:  Joy                             Purple: Rejoice

Red: Love                            Light Blue: Dream

Yellow: Happiness               White: Gratitude

Sand Color Meanings

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