We are a team that has a combined experience of 40 years in the hospitality, tourism, destination marketing, and event industry.

Our company was developed out of a passion for developing unique and engaging events that incorporate those great aspects of life: music, artisans, wines, craft beers, culinary and most importantly, people!

Two Spoons team works tirelessly to ensure we are noted as a leader in creating one of a kind experiences and events while engaging community partners to bring creative activations to life.

​Karen Kitchen, Owner/Founder

Company Overview

Karen has spent over twenty (20) years working in various roles within the industries of hospitality, tourism, and destination marketing.  As someone whose career path was planned for law, it disappeared quickly when she got a taste of this ever-changing industry. Realizing that she would have no two days the same, be given daily encounters to make intentional connections, sharing gained knowledge, leading and mentoring individuals both internally and externally was the exact match for her personality.  If you want to align with someone who is tenacious in business, and one that has a proven record with projects reaching its intended goals then you have found your match.  

Karen has been retained for independent contract services in the following areas:

  • Report Development
  • Presentations
  • Employee Mentoring & Training
  • Marketing Campaigns & Activations
  • Industry trends
  • Social Media/Branding

Check out a more in-depth outline of her career history with her LinkedIn Page.