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COVID 19 Event Protocols

Part of our cohort is meeting me at the venue, can I arrive early to save our table?

You will need to wait for everyone in your cohort to arrive before you queue to enter the venue so we can seat you all together. Your cohort is the group of four to six people that you purchased tickets for in one transaction. This will help us to maintain physical distancing between cohorts inside the venue.


I am not feeling well, should I attend the event?

If you are not feeling well in the week prior to the event please play it safe; stay home and rest up rather than attending the event.  Send us an email to twospoonsltd@gmail.com to discuss your ticket/s in this scenario. We do allow ticket transfer to occur up until 2 days before the event.

Frequently Asked Questions


Buying Your Ticket
You can buy your tickets online from www.two-spoons.ca

To maintain social distancing, tickets will only be available for purchase by the table. Each table will consist of 4 or 6 seats and will be socially distanced from tables around it. If you require more than 6 seats, please purchase tickets in multiple transactions. Each cohort will be seated at separate tables. 

It is understood that if you purchase a ticket to any of our events that you are in agreeance with our protocols and will be expected to follow them on the night of the event.

Entry procedures: Lineup markings will be placed on the ground outside the venue to ensure sufficient distancing between cohorts attending each event.  Upon entry, all guests will be required to sanitize their hands, confirm name and contact details for each member of their cohort, and verbally confirm that they do not have any symptoms of COVID-19, and are not under any order to isolate or quarantine.  All patrons are required to wear a face-covering while in line, and when inside the venue except when seated at their table.

Venue procedures: Subject to Province of Alberta guidelines, Two Spoons Ltd. will operate with a maximum capacity of 100 patrons per event.  All patrons will be seated at tables and physical distancing of patrons from different cohorts will be in effect. Patrons must remain at their assigned table except when using the restrooms or other venue services.  Stringent cleaning procedures will be in effect before, during, and after each event. 

Food and beverage: Food and beverage will be via table service exclusively.

We are very excited to begin the return of events.  In order to do this we need to follow specific rules and protocols to ensure safety for all those attending our events.  We will have security onsite for all events to ensure all protocols are respected, and followed.

Can I purchase one ticket?
No. In order to maintain guest safety, tickets are only sold in cohorts of four or six. 


Can I purchase two tickets?

No, in order to maintain social distancing between the allowable tables, tickets are only sold in cohorts of four or six. Each table will seat the four or six guests that purchased together. With space limitations and ensuring stage sightlines, we were unable to allow for tables of 2. We are regretful that we can not extend this option but with all these noted variables we are limited to either 4 or 6 people.

Can I bring a usable drink bottle?

No outside food or beverage is allowed inside the venue. Events include served three-course meal service, along with served beverage service on a cash basis.

Guest attendee safety is our top priority and we need everyone to work together so we can continue to host the events.

Kindly note that we are working in accordance with Alberta Health.

Should Alberta Health adjust allowable event hosting requirements that would make it impossible for us to proceed,

we will offer ticket holders two options: apply the ticket for the rescheduled event date OR provide a ticket refund.

Otherwise, all tickets are non-refundable.


Show Timings
Check your ticket for show timings and details. Showtimes are approximate and may vary slightly on the event night, so please arrive with enough time to go through the entry procedures.

No waiting at the bar!
We’ll have table service drinks available throughout the event. Cash bar service.

Leaving the Venue
We’ve reached the final close, now it's time to exit the venue. We ask at the end of the show that you please remain in your seats until our staff has the chance to usher you out of the venue table by table. This will make sure that after an evening of successful, sociable physical distancing we don’t bump into another cohort on the way out.


Cleanliness Protocol
We are increasing the frequency of cleaning as we know that this can only help in reducing any transfer of germs. High traffic areas will be sanitized frequently.

Washroom Facilities
Washroom facilities will be available at the venue, but we ask that you do not congregate near the washrooms and wear your mask at all times going to the washroom.  If there is a line-up, we ask that you maintain a 2 metre distance from the person in front of you.

Hand Sanitizer
We will have hand sanitizer available at many points throughout the venue for you to make use of as needed.

PPE for our staff
Our staff will be checked each day to ensure they are fit for duty and symptom-free. Our staff will also be wearing face masks throughout the event for your safety and for theirs and will be washing and/or sanitizing their hands frequently.


Please arrive at 6:00 pm when the doors open.

You’ll need to wait for everyone in your cohort to arrive BEFORE you join the lineup to enter the event so we can seat you all together. We’ll have marked spacing on the floor for your cohort to queue at a two-meter distance from other people’s cohorts – just like you’ve been doing at many retail stores.

Your cohort is the four or six people you purchased tickets for in one transaction. This will help us to maintain physical distancing between cohorts inside the venue. You will be escorted to your table. You must wear your mask while entering the building and walking to your table. Once you are seated, you may remove your mask if you choose to.

We ask that you please remain seated at your table throughout the show unless you need to use the bathrooms. Should you need to use the bathrooms, you will be required to wear your mask. We also ask that you do your best to keep your seats and table where they are to help us maintain a two metre distance between cohorts inside the venue.